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Pump Repairs and Upgrades Standards

(starting with Vertical Turbines, VPRS, rev. 1)

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Pump industry is undergoing renewed interest to technical aspects of quality of repairs. Pump users expectations of good quality of repairs must be matched by a well defined set of specifications, to clear state the extend and details of a repair job. The first such specification has been initiated by a working group of the Pump Magazine, with cooperation with Pumps & Systems magazine, and the reviewers are in process of working on the second draft. Users, manufacturers, and repair shop facilities' input is encouraged, to provide inclusive and rounded basis for the final document to serve pumping industry needs in quality repairs and overhauls of pumps.


The original draft was reviewed September by the Pump Magazine Advisory Committee, and a working group has been put together to get the VTP Pump Repair Standard (VPRS) published. Draft (rev. 6) is the current work. For those interested, we can review your interest and background, and include you on board with this working group (see list of the group members at the end of the Editorial).


VPRS Committee Members



* Doug Davidson, PumpTech, Inc.

* Lori Ditoro, Pumps & Systems magazine, US - publications/media

* Rasmus Dorrington, Colonial Pipeline, US - pump end users

* Lyn Greenhill, DynaTech Engineering. US - technical review and updates

* Mike Keohane, VibrAlign, US alignment and vibrations

* Ed Kreibick, DuPont, US - pump end users

* Chris Krpec, Sulzer Pumps - pump manufacturer (OEM)

* Bill Kruger, All-Test Pro, LLC (wholly owned Subsidiary of BJM Corporation) - testing

* Dick Lane, Maintech International, Inc - repairs

* Lyle Mariam, Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) - pump end users

* Dave Lyle, Nidec Motor Corporation (includes US Motors) - motors and other drives

* Lev Nelik, Pumping Machinery, LLC, Committee Chair

* Bethany Pearson, P.E., Burns & McDonnell, consulting engineering

* Luis Rizo, P.E., Sabic International - pump end users, documentation

* John Stevens, Jacobs Engineering - consulting engineering

* David Tuck, Greenwood South Carolina Municipality

* John Visotsky, Vibrations Institute, Georgia section

* Eben Walker, Graphalloy Graphite Metallizing - components and materials

* Dave Werth, Clemson Engineering Hydraulics pump inlet and sump issues

* Adam Willwerth, Electro-Static Technology-ITW

* Bud Young, Jacobs Engineering - consulting engineering



* Aditya Pathak, Technimont ICB Pvt Ltd (India) - machinery and system packages

* Michael Benjamin, Mekorot Waterworks (Israel) - pump end users

* Jeoff Eichert, Fluculant Systems (Germany) - pump end users

* Huseyin Gokcekus, Cyprus Research (Cyprus) - engineering applications and design

* Chaza Hamoud, Beirut Arab University (Lebanon) - consulting and academia


(for those interested to be on this committee: drpump@pumpingmachinery.com)






1. Vertical Pump Types and Construction

2. Documentation and Repair Forms

3. Predictive and Proactive Maintenance and Trending Monitoring Techniques

4. Vibration Analysis

5. Foundation, Baseplates, Piping, and Supports

6. Field Work, Tools, and Site Access

7. Suction Issues

8. Mechanical Seals and Packings

9. Materials of Construction

10. Motors, VFD, and Electrical Aspects

11. References and Bibliography



(for those interested to be on this committee and tackle a section within your expertise let us know: drpump@pumpingmachinery.com)


The committee outlined several initial sections of the VPRS Standard, which are now in the process of being worked on. Additional sections will likely be added and/or modified.




We will keep you posted as the Standard continues to develop.



Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E.

Editor, Pump Magazine On-Line

February 2022



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