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Article #61: NEW TECHNOLOGY? - or hocus-pocus?


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 <=== click to download the Molded Bread Research Experiment Specification (draft)

Spec #MB-1E


Preliminary Report #020414-2 (molded bread tests; and paramecium tests) ==>

Amplitude Modulation

Theory Fundamentals

Anthony Holland

ASM 2012 paper

Aubrey Scoon

Molded Bread paper

Parameceum - www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XZeOCK10hc&feature=youtu.be

CAFL Frequency List

Jeff Garff

The Rife Machine Report

Al Patrick Story

Parameceum - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czy1EMHO2hk

(this was not by the EMF -  but by direct electric current!) -



John White

Strawberry & Cheese Experiment




* List 1: www.rifedigital.com/php2/frequency.pdf (CAFL v2011-06-07, ETDFL Association 2011)

* List 2: www.rexresearch.com/rife/freqlist1.htm

* List 3: www.royalrife.com/electronics.html

* List 4: www.electroherbalism.com/Bioelectronics/FrequenciesandAnecdotes/The_Electroherbalism_Frequency_Lists_book.htm

(Consolidated Annotated Frequency List CAFL v2007-05-16 (likely anecdotal); all Frequencies in Hz

 Brian McInturff, turf@mindspring.com)


What is Common Between the Machinery Vibration Analysis and Electromagnetic (resonance) Biomedicine?


In a pump world, vibration analysis has long been an established and effective methods in pumps' troubleshooting and preventative/predictive maintenance practices. Rotor unbalance, bent shaft, misalignment, bearing flaws, and other internal defects in pumps and other types of rotating machinery, can be detected by application of vibration analysis. Application of spectral analysis (FAT) of vibrations identifies major frequencies/harmonics in terms of multiples of the running speed of the pump. Unbalance is noted at 1X running speed, misalignment at 2X, blades (N) pass-frequency at NX. With rare exceptions, most pumps operate under 4000 RPM, which is under roughly 70 Hertz, which makes, for example, a 5-bladed impeller produce approximately 350 Hz peak. Cavitation noise is usually at higher frequencies (around 20,000 Hz). Interestingly, these frequencies happen to approximately reside within the audible range - as humans are generally able to detect audible sound between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.


 In comparison to other types of energy (radio, radar, light, X-ray, etc.), the pump world pretty much reside at the very low range of frequency spectrum known to engineers, and to mankind in general:



The benefits and potential issues with the electro-magnetic frequencies can also be seen at www.emf-portal.org


Just as the pump vibration specialists apply mechanical engineering knowledge to FFT analysis to detect frequencies spectrum of pumps and motors, so do electrical, electronic and radio engineers use electromagnetic waves for analysis of electrical and electronic devices (radios, TVs, cell phones, etc.), including medical diagnostic techniques, such as MRI scans, RT, X-ray, and similar technologies.


As an interesting historical background, the study of electromagnetic waves for medical purposes, goes back to the beginning of the last century, when a talented American microbiologist (Dr. Rife), and his colleagues, invented a high magnification light microscope (60,000 magnification), and was able to observe bacteria and viruses previously hidden from a human eye: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Rife  and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AysfKyl8O9k.  Note: even more powerful magnification can be reached by an electronic microscope, but it damages the live organic matter during the observation due to the nature of its design and principle of operation.


In studying various bacteria and viruses under the microscope, Dr. Rife came up with an idea of applying various frequencies in attempt to resonate and destroy viruses and thus rid a human body from the decease, including, hopefully, a cure for caner, which was his main objective. In a book (ISBN 978-0-9825138-6-6) "The Cancer Cure that Worked" (www.BioMedPublishers.com), Barry Lynes explains detailed history of Dr. Rife's work and the claimed success in identifying and destroying the virus in animals and humans, similar to how a pump vibration analysts identify problems in pumps and apply mechanical resonance methods to rectify.


A similarly interesting article (among several) by Audrey Scoon, on this subject appeared in Everyday Practical Electronics, April 2001: (click).




Effects of resonance frequencies to destroy structures, such as bridges, are well documented (www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-zczJXSxnw) - which is essentially similar to a singer resonating with her height pitch voice a glass window and shattering it to pieces. as mechanical engineers know, a natural frequency of vibration is a function of (square root of) the ratio of damping/stiffness (k) to mass (m)  √(k/m) - and thus every object, organic or inorganic, would have its own natural frequencies of vibration/oscillation, and thus excitation at significant power despite a very small power of resonance required to oscillate, and potentially destroy, the object.


The interaction of the EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) with the live cells is more complex then just a simplistic mechanical resonance (mechanical destruction) analogy, but it can serve as a starting point of understanding. More complex theories exist, although none have been presented in a clear and understandable manner.


The range of frequencies would thus vary depending on the type of virus, bacteria, or parasites present in body, and claim to span from a very low frequencies (around 100 Hz), to about 12 MHz, although some of the data suggests the higher frequencies are actually multiple harmonics of somewhat lower frequencies. Overall, it seems like the useable frequencies claimed by the researches range between 100 Hz to 100,000 Hz (100 KHz). For example, range between a 100 Hz to 24kHz could likely be for relatively less severe cases (lime disease, etc.), and from 24 kHz to 100kHz for more severe cases (various forms of cancers, etc.)


Below are some of the references readily found on the internet and literature which claim to successfully use this technology:


1. DETA-ELIS company www.deta-elis.ru  - started about 30 years ago by a Russian scientist (Sergei Konoplev) who applied Dr. Rife's concept to develop and produce low energy electromagnetic waves devices, the size of a pocket calculator, with a set of nearly 3000 programs, tuned for a specific disease or bacterial. DETA-ELIS technology is available in Europe and Middle East (there is also offices in Israel), but it is not approved by the FDA and AMA in the US. DETA-ELIS offers both examination and diagnosis, followed by a specific fine tuning of the wear-on device(s) programmed to the particular ailment they detect during diagnosis:



Diagnosis unit: a probe is attached to this test machine shown above, which an examiner guides and monitors during the diagnosis session. A patient holds a probe with one hand and the examiner touches the area at the patient's fingernail connection to the skin with the second one. An weak electromagnetic pulse is thus applied thru the patient's, at various frequent uses, from 0.1 KHz to 72 kHz, which is claimed to correspond to the interpretive functions, such as “bacteria A”, “liver issues, stones”, “heart not balanced”, “cataract potential”, “parasite B at bladder”, etc. during the 2 hour test. The analysis of the impulse is claimed to indicate to the examiner the difference between a pre-calibrated healthy response to an unhealthy signal, with each frequency applied corresponding to a particular ailment DETA-ELIS claims they determined over many years of research.


 Following the diagnosis, a treatment is recommended by DETA-ELIS:

a03012013_00000.jpg       a03012013_00000.jpg       a03012013_00000.jpg


a)   (left) for healing, detoxification, killing the “bugs” and other internally present parasites and flush them out by drinking 2-4 liters of water per day. The device is worn in close proximity to the body (due to low energy - powered by two AA batteries) for about 2 months.


b)  (middle) is “active defense” which is worn for about a week, a few hours a day. This is claimed to harmonize body functions.


c)  (right) is a USB stick with about 3000 computer programs, of which (20) can be selectively downloaded to into these “AP-20” and “Ritm-13” transmitters as explained above.


DETA-ELIS has certified their technology by the Russian Federation commission of medical certifications: www.roszdravnadzor.ru


To verify frequencies range and strength, we asked a certified laboratory to conduct independent testing by an accredited lab, and will posted the results. So far, as far as can be seen, the frequencies range claimed by DETA-ELIS were not confirmed by the testing. The tested frequency range was at the entirely different (higher range) spectrum:

DETAELISAPtested  (18 programs)  DETAELISRITMtested (13 programs)


The concern with the interpretation of the tested results is that seemingly different objectives are covered by what looks like essentially the same frequency pattern:


RITM unit shows (see results on above link to tests) roughly then same pattern for various groups of symptoms and objectives:


(same) Pattern A: p1 (active defense), p5 (regulation and cleansing of kidneys), p6 (regulation of male urine and reproductive organs), p7 (regulation of female urinal and reproductive organs), p8 (anti-stress)

(same) Pattern B: p2 (regulation of gastrointestinal tract), p11 (relief of eyes tiredness), p12 (anti-pain)

(same) Pattern C: p3 (regulation of heart), p9 deep cleansing of entire body), p10 (anti-atherosclerosis), p13 (regulation of endocrinal system)

(same) Pattern D: p4 (regulation of blood circulation)


AP unit shows (see results on above link to tests) what looks like essentially the same pattern for all (13) programs (p1 drainage therapy, p2 basic parasites 1st day, p3 basic parasites 2nd day, p4 parasites of stomach and intestines, p5 parasites detox, p6 regulation of immune system, p7 drainage of liver, p8 drainage of kidneys, p9 support of liver and kidneys, p10 cleansing of blood, p11 cleansing of blood plasma, p12 omnihomikose, p13 helicobacter, p4 drainage of lymphatic system, p15 ORVI/OR3/flu, p16 antiseptic, p17 inflammation, p18 detox of complete body).


It seems strange and questionable why such a wide range of symptoms are claimed to be handled by what it looks like essentially identical frequency pattern(s). We have forwarded this question to DETA ELIS, but have not received their answer.


Regarding the literature-stated frequency ranges of their units, DETA-ELIS video presentation (4 elinks below) corrects the information printed in their manuals (see earlier)







 - stating that the test antenna used to test these units ranges from 9 KHz to 300 MHz, which seems to correlate closer to the results of independent testing done in Atlanta on these units. The lower frequencies noted in DETA literature appears to have a printing error. The stated video data appears to more realistic and accurate:



Left: effective overall frequency pattern; Right: carrier frequency (clean sinusoidal pattern, typically 10 Hz). The effective main frequencies vary depending  on the nature of the issue, and is rather sensitive for the specific objectives. For example, the heart functioning enhancement frequency is claimed to be 9.45 Hz, while the lungs (bronchitis, asthma, etc.) is 9.40 Hz, i.e. a the window of fine tuning of the signal must be very accurate, unless a wide sweep frequency range pattern is applied.

(This also does not seem to correlate with what is posted on the Internet as the claimed original Dr. Rife's List of Frequencies) See also:  www.dnafrequencies.com


2. Rife Digital (Florida distributor: 360-301-3282, www.rifedigital.com) - represents a German company which does research (and manufactures in India) - the units are strapped to a patient hands and feet, and transmit small electric current (not the electro magnetic field as compared to DETA-ELIS). They do have a "electro therapy device frequency list" for various ailments. The frequencies seem to be low. Rife Digital Company does not do the diagnosis of the patients, but only sells their units.


3. Clinical therapy, with patient in a water/solution bath, or at least a feet submergence in a tub, to which current is applied (Vital Gate Health, 212-873-4244, www.vitalgate.com)


4. NeoRife (Bulgaria): http://zepir.com/en/products/Electronic-devices_1/NEORife.html


5. www.GBgenerators.com near Salt Lake, Utah  - do not claim any medical implications, and strictly an outfit selling frequency generators for various electronics applications. Their basic unit has 2W output power (on right), with optional amplifier (SR-4 in the middle) to 10W, or a MOPA 118W amplifier (on left). These units sell between approximately $1500 to $5000, depending on the power and other options desired.


6. www.rifevideos.com (keenterprise@lycos.com)  - a web site with good overview of Dr. Rife system, technology and examples. One of the documents found within this link is also attached here for readers' convenience: The-Rife-Machine-Report-and-History


7. Novobiotronics.com: Jonathan Brody, Anthony Holland (narrated by Ira Glass on Public Radio International, Chicago Pubic Radio) www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/450/so-crazy-it-just-might-work


8. RifeTechnologies.com (Dr. James Bare, Albuquerque, NM) and www.plasmasonics.com


9. Simmons Plasma (Jim Simmons, Jackson, MS)

10. www.novocure.com/publication.php?ID=1 The science of using oscillating electric fields to destroy cancers is now (claimed to be) a proven technology and at least one type of therapy is (also claimed) approved by the FDA (we have seen that confirmed), - a therapy using a device that comes from a multinational corporation out of Israel known as Novocure.  Novocure has a billion dollars and US pharmaceutical companies are apparently pouring many millions more into it quarterly.  Novocure's chief scientist, Yoram Palti, has been locking up at least a dozen patents over the past 7 or 8 years (do a Google patents search on Yoram Palti and cancer), and others claim similar results in laboratory experiments with the Rife-Bare plasma device.

The frequency range needed to destroy cancer cells in vitro has been published by Novocure: between 100 kHz - 300 kHz.  100khz seems to be a 'universal' frequency to which most cancers will respond, but each cancer has a more specific frequency, but it takes a very long time to discover that specific frequency, so Novocure has published about 6 frequencies for various cancers (their most recent paper admits that in some cases they just 'guessed' that 100khz or 120kHz or 150kHz would work on lung cancer for example)...as they knew that 100khz-300khz is THE cancer killing range.

You cannot get a Novocure device unless you have brain cancer (glioma) and you have already had all the chemo/radiation/surgery possible....only then can you get into a Novocure clinical trial: www.novocure.com/product.php?ID=22 - they are now claimed as going through FDA clinical trials for lung cancer.  

Some of the opinions/feedback from friends/colleagues (we will post more as we receive them):

C-1) Hi Lev, I think it's essentially computerized homeopathy, which works on resonant wavelengths as you described about glasses picking up and "singing" when a similar wavelength is resonating in the area.   Actually, I have a possibly related device:  Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll  EAV.  From what I understand, if you carry the frequency that the device you wear at night, there will be resonance until it is resolved, that is, when the resonance is gone, there will be nothing sympathetic in your system to respond to the device.

I'll dig out my old Russian dictionary later and see if I can make more sense of the flyers you sent.  For the moment, I don't think there will be any harm in using these.

Homeopathy works by reinforcing the energy that the body is already generating.  The premise is that whatever the body does is from innate wisdom that wants to bring the body back to balance.  Thus a cold is several steps that the body takes to trap and flush out inappropriate microbes from the body.  The flu is a more intense version of that, activating cells toward more vigorous efforts to get toxins and inappropriate substances out of the body.  (This is why getting a flu shot, which interferes with the body's efforts to get rid of toxins, is a BAD idea).

While this device can expedite the body's efforts to eliminate toxins, I'm not sure it does everything a body needs to stay whole and healthy.  Eating clean and the right things, adequate rest, etc are important to support that.  The difference could be compared to the American and Hebrew understandings of peace.  



Karen, an Alternative Medicine specialist and practitioner

C-2) www.drliakos.com/?page_id=17  - Dr. Liakos, whose practice in New York takes care of patients with problems with prior exposure to electro magnetic radiation, very much opposes high frequency electromagnetic radiation. However, after speaking with Dr. Liakos, her emphasis appears to be mostly against overuse of cell phones, microwaves, etc.  - a considerably higher range of frequencies as compared to the ones descried above (cell phones are at 3-5 GHz (gigahertz) range,  - i.e. not a much lower electro magnetic waves of under 100 KHz).

Interestingly, the power of "resonance" seems to had been known to the ancients very well. Perhaps they did not quantify it by number of "Hertz", "Frequency", etc., but they certainly knew how to construct the "resonating chambers" to effect the spiritual, health, and social harmonies. As an example, the First (and the Second) Temple in Jerusalem, had a painstaking precision of positioning of various objects around the main area of the temple, and its auxiliaries:



The breastplate of the High Priest (Kohen Gadol) had several precious stones, some of which were of quartz, - the same/similar material used in electro-magnetic generators today. The (resonance! of the) prayers uttered by the Kohanim and Levites would reach the people gathered in the Temple yard, and the healing effect associated with that would be attributed to the power of prayer.


The entire structure of the Temple quarters was elaborately constructed, with attention to precision, which precision the modern science attributes to proper transmission of the energy,  - at the right reason and for the right purposes:






The voiced speech of a typical adult male will have a fundamental frequency from 85 to 180 Hz, and that of a typical adult female from 165 to 255 Hz. Thus, the fundamental frequency of most speech falls below the bottom of the "voice frequency" band as defined above. However, enough of the harmonic series will be present for the missing fundamental to create the impression of hearing the fundamental tone. The sound waves of these frequencies, when reaching our ear drum, generate the reverse conversion of the sound energy into micro-electric energy conveyed by the human nerves to the brain, where it gets deciphered into recognizable pattern - the basis of human hearing and understanding. The magnitude (strength) of the sound waves reaching our ear drums is very weak, but sufficient to vibrate the drum membrane to be picked up and translated.

However, in order to be able to penetrate the body muscle tissue, the energy of the waves likely needs to be more intense, in order to reach the problematic cells and resonate them to the level of mechanical agitation high enough for the pathogens to be damaged, - akin to a mechanical resonance. Literature presents levels of electro-magnetic energy required in the order of at least several watts, and desirably as high as 100 watts. However, if crystals are utilized to amplify and/or modulate the sound energy, this magnitude of such energy may perhaps remain sufficiently low:    

human digestive system

 While the exact frequencies and amplitudes of waves (sound, elector magnetic, or similar) still remains an untapped area for science to research, a good starting point has apparently been established, with further research likely justified to pursue this area in a more systematic and consistent fashion.

And thus - perhaps! - the ancients knew something about healing power of electro-magnetic resonance?


Present summary

1) Some possible beneficial effects on ridding pathogens in human body as reported by various sources over at least last 100+ years seem like a possibility, and can not be ignored. However, a systematically catalogues hard data, relating specific required frequencies and effective amplitudes, as affecting various types of infections, parasites, bacterial, viruses, or other pathogens, is still mostly lacking, or at the minimum not fully gathered and confirmed by verifiable experiments with proper and readily available documentation. Most of the information appears to be scattered and known mostly to isolated enthusiasts and hobbyists. Establishment of an International Research Center for BioMed Technologies appears to be in great need.


2) Discrepancies and questions (references/articles/tables to the notes below are hyperlinked within the discussion above):


    a. As reported by Audrey Scoon in "The End to All Decease" article published in April 2001 at Everyday Practical Electronics in the UK, Rife's original effective (MOR) frequencies ranged between 100 kHz to 1 MHz range. Apparently to be able to penetrate the body outer layer, these frequencies had to be modulated by higher frequencies (carrier frequencies) in the range between 15 kHz to 11 MHz.


    b. Dr. Crane's range of frequencies was at a much lower range (almost within the audible range), between 120 Hz to 1.8 kHz.


    c. DETA-ELIS company literature states 0.1 Hz to 72 kHz (DETA-AP unit) and 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz (DETA-RITM). The actual testing conducted by an independent lab in Atlanta showed nothing emitted below 9 kHz and above 2 MHZ (i.e. all emitted frequencies appear to be between 9 kHz and 2 MHz range). However, DETA video corrects their literature stated parameter, noting the actual testing antenna is ranged between 9 kHz and 300 MHz.


    d. An experienced RF engineer in Atlanta claimed to have successfully built and applied a machine for his own ailment. His machine emitted a carrier signal of 27 MHz modulated by a range of audio frequencies from 10 Hz to 3 KHz. He claims his treatment was effective, quick and successful.


    e. Other sources report beneficial (MOR) frequencies to be between 100 Hz to 24 KHz range for most problems, and up to 100 kHz for unique problems (cancers)


    f. Published Electro Therapy device Frequency List (formerly CAFL), v2011-06-07, ETDFL Association 2011, shows an extensive and detailed list of such beneficial frequencies, mostly within the range of approximately 20 Hz to 1 MHz.


    g. Regarding the strength (amplitude) of the signal, a 50-100 watts energy levels is most commonly recommended to be effective. A 2 watts levels appear to be minimally effective if used within close proximity. The tested DETA-ELIS units, powered by two 1.5V batteries, showed a very weak emitted signal, at approximately -30 dBm power level (a very small fraction of a watt). The test antenna, however, was approximately 12 inches away from the emitter and might not had been oriented in best direction of the transmitting face, and thus the signal at closer proximity to the emitter might have been significantly stronger, likely at an estimated range of 1 W or so, i.e. still small, but possibly effective.


DETA-ELIS claims that a strength of the signal, as long as emitted within a close proximity, is not critical, as long as the correct frequencies are selected and applied, based on the principle of resonance capable to make even a weak signal excite, resonate, and destroy the pathogens. Close examination of the DETA-ELIS signals show apparent presence of the carrier and modulation signals, although at very lower levels of energy.



For the above reasons, it is presently difficult to arrive at clear conclusions of the effectiveness, nor lack of, of these and similar technologies. However, given the importance of the subject, with a potential break-thru scientific and medical benefits to be obtained, a major research appears to be much needed, with perhaps a formally established research center, funded, monitored, and guided, with proper diligence, transparency, and staffing, including medical, engineering, and logistical support. Hopefully, such worthy efforts would help add more information to the general science, and technology, as well as potential benefits to the humanity. Some of the discussions and more information can also be founded at www.rifeforum.com


As noted, none of these technologies are known to have been approved in the US by FDA or AMA. The only possible exception appears to be Novocure device shown as approved by FDA: www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/ProductsandMedicalProcedures/DeviceApprovalsandClearances/Recently-ApprovedDevices/ucm254480.htm - however, while it is a welcome important first step, Novocure statistics presented at the above link still does not exceed the success rate of chemotherapy, and also limited to brain tumors only. It does not present itself as a truly alternative method, but is only recommended as a last resort, only after conventional chemotherapy is first tried.

In our appeal to show tangible results, nobody appears to be either capable or willing to reproduce a very simple test quoted (on page 9) of Aubrey Scoon 2001 paper (link shown above), with a quote from the paper shown below:

"I also tried a further experiment with moulds. I took a piece of bread, dampened it and left it out overnight. I then broke the breadinto two similar pieces and put each piece in a separate, sealed, sterile container. I took one container and exposed it too a rangeof different anti-mould frequencies of the magnetic pulser. The first container was left untouched. After four days, the containerswere compared. The first, untouched container was full of mould, the second was completely clear. since the only difference between the two was the exposure to the magnetic pulser I concluded that the magnetic pulser had killed all the mould spores in the second container".

Note: in this very simple test, the bread should not be store bought; it must be free of preservatives as in clean homemade bread.

The few limited specific tests reported and documented appear not to show the claimed beneficial effect on bacteria elimination, as can be viewed from the (unfortunately unsuccessful) tests presented at the following link  - a video of someone trying to kill ecoli (under a microscope using a Rife ray tube). There are videos of this but no kill: www.riferesearch.org/html/jim_armstrong.html

On a positive side, a recent publication at the American Society of Microbiology claims to have some success in destroying the bacteria:www.abstractsonline.com/Plan/ViewAbstract.aspx?mID=3214&sKey=cc83d6c7-ac2c-4c04-b578-287158237072&cKey=6349e094-a6c0-4a4e-b48e-b37849480d43&mKey=%7b15C31F4D-CBA9-43A6-B6E1-2F312E144DB4%7d

  - although no video or photographs documenting the destruction of bacteria was viewed yet.

Even the very technical principle of operation, in simple and clear terms is still missing. While various proponents of Rife method, with many variations of it, discuss complex and impressive aspects of electro magnetic science and argue of their respective betterment of others, nobody have been able so far to provide a clear list of the ultimate frequencies (beyond the mostly anecdotal Frequency Lists which contain data shoved into these list by unclear, and unproven by documented tests, sources). For example, if proponents of the theory that it is the sideband harmonics, generated by the modulation of (let's assume) radio frequencies over the carrier frequencies, claim that is what works - they should be able to present the frequency (or frequencies) they use, the number of sidebands frequencies,  - along the name of a particular ailment - with a tested proof it works. For example (numbers are just picked as an illustration), say 100 kHz laid over the 23 MHz carrier frequency produces a number of sidebands (in addition to the original 100 kHz and 23 MHz), with greatest amplitudes at the 100 kHz and 23 MHz (and the actual values in watts should be stated), with main (10, 20?) side bands listed - showing their frequencies and power levels (probably quickly diminishing for higher harmonics of such sidebands) in watts as well. Such simple proof is missing, and credibility questioned:

And thus - until real and verifiable results arena shown, albeit a simple test as described, any such boasted "miracle" technology should be viewed with great decree of caution and skepticism. Whether Dr. Rife was the greatest genius or the greatest charlatan would probably be proven by someone with facts - one way, or another, and, while the promises of greatness appear to be promising, the simple facts are still shaky.


To verify if electro-magnetic energy does have at least some effect, a very limited in scope and simple research project is being conducted by a group of engineering volunteers, on a hobby-basis - and is limited to finding if the EME can prevent mold (mould) formation on a piece of untreated bread. The draft of a working document is at the link noted above. Any ideas, suggestions, comments, corrections, are welcome.



Note: we make no claim on validity or effects of any of these technologies. Our main purpose is to review and understand similarities and differences between various methods of vibration analysis and applications to different ways and manners of technology developments and provide a forum for the exchange ideas and views, and it certainly appears to be a fascinating topic deserving review and comments.


Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E.

Editor, Pump Magazine On-Line



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March, 2013