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Article #58: Pumping Water up the Building - Where Should a Pump be?

One of our readers asked us a question about where a pump should be positioned when pumping into a heat exchanger on a roof of a building. Would a suction pressure of a pump be different? The system is a closed loop, filled with the heat transfer fluid, being pumped to a heat exchanger. How does this differ from an open loop?

We thought the subject was generic enough and interesting to make it into a Quiz. What do you think? What would be different with regard to pump head, and with regard to NPSHA, if the pump installed on a roof, with a pump leading to it from the ground, versus a pump being on the ground, and pumping up to a heat exchanger on a roof? What happens when a position of a heat exchanger changes - on the ground, on a roof, or a side wall?


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