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PUMP MAGAZINE -  is an affiliate information resource publication of PML Holdings

The goal of this on-line magazine is to provide a technical resource to the pumping community on a variety of subjects, relating to pump operation, design, maintenance and reliability, latest technologies, field case study examples, and the exchange of ideas - within a wide spectrum of pump topics.

This is why the topics covered in PUMP MAGAZINE are, first of all - technical, and secondly, specific and focused on a given subject, or issue, as related to pumps. The objective is for users to find answers to their questions, and, more importantly be able to post questions, should the answers not be readily available. Such interactive and technically focused approach to pumps, we believe, provides the pump users what they really need - the answers to their questions, un-biased, and to the point. This technical and user-oriented approach is the specialty of the PUMP MAGAZINE.


Dr. Nelik, P.E., APICS has over twenty five years of engineering, manufacturing and field experience in the pump industry. He is a President of Pumping Machinery, an alliance partner of Pumping Solutions Inc. His prior experiences include Liquiflo Equipment Company as President, Roper Pump as Vice President of Engineering, Ingersoll-Rand, and Goulds Pumps, Engineering and Technology. Dr. Nelik is a former Associate Technical Editor of the Journal of Fluids Engineering. He is a Full Member of the ASME, and a Certified APICS member. He is a graduate of Lehigh University with Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Manufacturing Systems. Dr. Nelik is a Registered Professional Engineer, and has published over fifty documents on pumps and related equipment worldwide, including a "Pumps" section for the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (John Wiley), a section for the Handbook of Fluids Dynamics (CRC Press), and a book "Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps: Fundamentals with Applications", by the CRC Press.

A need for information on pumps is becoming critical. Pump users at the chemical plants, refineries, paper mills, and other industries, need to have access to good, solid technical information on the pumping equipment. This information must be diverse, technically sound, and to span a wide spectrum of technical levels, expertise and needs, in a multitude of subjects. A mechanic at the chemical plant might be interested in pump alignment technique, another plant operator may want to have a better understanding on flow control methods and low flow problems associated with operating a centrifugal pump at low flow, a recent engineering graduate starting his career at a paper mill, might be interested in general knowledge about a pump hydraulics, or, an experienced professional at the pumping facility might want to learn the latest trends in technology, or reliability methods.

This is why the editors of the PUMP MAGAZINE ON-LINE have structured this on-line source by topics, where pump users can find what they need, as well as request more information if they so desire.

New topics are continuously added on-line, based on the feedback from our readers, to answer their questions, and bring the latest up-to-dated information, discussion and debates, to the pump users community.

We hope you will enjoy Pump Magazine, and will be able to find technical information pertaining to your interests and needs. Please feel free to ask questions on any topic that was not adequately available to your search. We would also be glad to hear your comments, and will make sure to respond and include in our subsequent expanded coverage issues.

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